Camping At Glastonbury

June 2008


I quite enjoyed the camping as it's been a while since I've done it and the weather was okay ... well ... except for one night. 


What surprised me is that you can roll up with nothing except the shirt on your back and with 100, buy a tent, mattress, sleeping bag, pillow and anything else you need.  And then abandon it all afterwards.  Saves lugging it all from car park to campsite and back.



The festival ground was huge with people camping all around the place in the designated areas.  We stayed in the dairy ground.

People decorated their campsites with flags so people could find their tents and their friends




Some of tent decorations were stranger than most.


Camp fire on the first night.  I have to say I really enjoyed sitting around the camp fire, drinking beer and shouting at "Dan!" who hadn't arrived yet.  It reminded me of all the good times I had spent camping with family and mates in Australia.


Here's the video of the campfire.





Some local farmer decided to do a tire burn-off on the first or second day of the festival.  We all thought a plane or helicopter had crashed.


Jewish Tent.




Some people stayed in the Tipi city.


Where I often ended up early in the morning on the way back to the tent.  Hot dogs, burgers and lots of grease.


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