Glastonbury By Day

June 2008


Walking around, there are lots of strange sights and sounds to see during the day.


Walking Around During The Day

Peter checking his phone in the birdcage.


Very cool


Me being silly. Wibby trying to ignore it all. 


Main stage at The Park.


Old airplane near Shangri La


Freak show


Dickie Swallows - sword shallower extraordinaire.


Pete looking freaky


Wibby looking more freaky


What a great looking guy.


A shark's head lying on the ground.


I don't think the Russians ever envisioned one of their Warsaw Pact armoured personnel carriers dressed up as a 'Love Tank'.




Mud dragon with smoking jaws.


Baby and crocodile made out of car tires.


Another dragon.




Love this shot of the dragon at sunset.


People relaxing near Stone Circle


Igloo made out of fruit juice containers near Craft World.






Metal Velicoraptor at Trash City


Mad Max vehicle




Dinosaur volkswagon


Super chicken


There were lots of spray paint murals like this one.


Tom Mansi and the Icebreakers playing one afternoon.  I loved this band.  Good music was just everywhere.


Cycling piano man and snake girl near the Pyramid Stage


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