Glastonbury By Night

June 2008


And when it got dark, all creatures great and small, timid and wild came out to feed.


Walking Around At Night

Human Jukebox.  I loved these 5 guys playing songs that people chose from the jukebox panel.  They did a great rendition of MC Hammer's "You can't touch this!"


In some respects, this group was the high-light of my Glastonbury. 


Here is their website.




Fire juggler.


Trash city at night.




Metal spider.




Wibby on a see saw


Very cool band in a folksy type tent somewhere




Ska man. 


I didn't even realise what ska was let alone deciding I liked it.




Neon person




A former lead singer from The Specials - a British Ska Band - with his own band at Continental Drift.  The played 'Pressure Drop' which I'd heard and liked from the Grosse Point Blank Soundtrack.


The plain again




The only wet night of the festival.  It dried out quickly the next day.




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