The Other Stage

June 2008


The Other Stage was the second biggest stage.  Most of the acts that I liked were playing here. 


The Other Stage

Drinking cider underneath the flags. 




The Hoodoo Gurus.  My god these guys look old!  So different from when I last saw them over 10 years ago at Rock Above The Falls in Lorne.


The lead singer also had a lot of fun making the blue security guards laugh.






Vampire Weekend.  Great US band.




Making a crowd picture.  What a laugh!  I avoided it like the plague.






The Other Stage with the Pyramid Stage in the background. 


I think this is the Zutons on stage.


Groove Armada starting up












Groove Armada were absolutely amazing.  I'd heard a little of the music but seeing them live was just amazing.  A real light and music show with lasers, lights and amazing soundscapes.







Here's a video of them performing.


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