High Street Walk

March 2008 - Easter Weekend


On the Sunday, we woke up and looked out the window and saw the whole countryside  blanketed in snow.  It made for a spectacular day of walking in the country side as you can see from the photos below. 


The snow gave the walking a hint of adventure as well.  At some points during our six hour walk when the wind was up and snow was falling, we felt like we were on an arctic expedition.


The High Street was originally part of a Roman road that linked the Roman forts of Ambleside and Brougham and was the highest Roman road in the country. 


View out the hotel window on Sunday.  Snow all around!!!  How exciting!


The view heading up the Kirkstone Pass on the A592.




Chrissy on a small bridge at the start of the walk.





Me on the bridge


View of a creek at the start of the walk.  Love this shot.


View up the valley.


View down the valley towards Hartsop.


Self portrait of me in front of a small lake.


The lake.


Blue sky.  But not for long.  I think we got this photo accidentally after the camera fell of the ledge where we had placed it to take the photo below.


Chrissy and I.  We climbed up the hill behind us to get to the High Street.  It was definitely hard going with snow often up past our knees.


View from the top. By the time we had got up to the top, a brisk wind had come up and the wind chill was starting to make the temperature drop. 


We had a quick snack for 10-15 minutes and had to keep going before our hands froze up.  I was definitely glad I had gloves.  I was less glad that my boots weren't waterproof.


Another valley.  We walked across the top and came down on the other side of the ridge on the right.


Wind-blown snow.


The High-Street / old roman road.


Up to my waist in it!


Chrissy and I at the Beacon - 3-4 hours after we started.


Weather closing in.  It was very windy at the top near the Beacon.




A group of rocks that we christened 'The Penguins'.


The Beacon.


Penguins and Beacon.




The valley which we had to descent into ... mainly using our bums.


Rocky descent.


Chrissy holding her bruised bottom.  Our footing was pretty precarious so it was easier to go down on our bottoms at times - at a cost.






View back to the top.


A lot of the snow had melted as we started walking back to the car park in our sodden non-waterproof boots.


View back up the valley from which had decended


Tired old telephone box near pub on A592 back to Windermere


Me in the car near home.


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