Naming Ceremony

March 2008 - Easter Weekend


One of the main reasons for going up to the Lake District was to attend the naming ceremony of a daughter of one of Chrissy's uni buddies - Erika.


It was a nice ceremony in a lovely country house - followed by a slap up meal back at Erika and Paul's house later in the evening with some of their friends - Gareth and Barbara - from Belfast.


Eve's Naming Ceremony

Chrissy and Barbara being sworn in as godmothers for Eve.


Grandparents of Eve.


Centre of attention.  I love this shot.  Reminds me of those shots of film stars surrounded by a swirl of people but the light is still shining firmly on them.


Erika reading out a poem about mummy's little treasure. Was very funny - especially the bit about the little treasure waking mummy up at 4am!






Erika, Eve and Paul


Best shot of the lot



Chrissy's New Dress

Hurry up and take the photo.  I'm freezing here!









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