Wansfall - Troutbeck Walk

March 2008 - Easter Weekend


This was a lovely 10.5km walk we did from the town Ambleside.  I don't recommend climbing up Wansfall Pike (484 metres) straight after a heavy pub lunch.  Most of my lunch ended up by the side of the trail and I was really struggling.


Still, the fresh air, exercise and views were all worth it.


Weather was a bit funny that day however.  I still can't believe we had rain, sleet, hail, sun, winds and snow all in one afternoon.


View of Ambleside from top of Wansfall Pike


Lake Windermere




It was bloody windy up the top.  Had to tread carefully so I wasn't blown over.




Self portrait in the wind


Us and Lake Windermere




Fence to climb over.  Note the hail from earlier in the day.


Lake Windermere again


Snow on the mountains.


Path across the meadow.


Starting to snow as we head down Nanny Lane




Sheep feeding


Nanny Lane




Weather closing in






Covered in snow after only a few minutes




Houses in Troutbeck


Snowing on top of the hills above Troutbeck




Barn in Troutbeck


Well, well, well




Lake Windermere


A barn on the way back to Ambleside.   By this time I'd given up trying to splash Chrissy with mud and chase her around with a stick with cow shit on the end. 


She wasn't finding it that amusing anymore






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