Beaulieu and Buckler's Hard

June 2008


Here are a few photos from our walk from Beaulieu to Buckler's Hard and back on the last day of our New Forest Weekend.



Tonka Toy Land Rover.  Very cool.  I wonder how often it goes four wheel driving?  Still ... it bought back memories of all the great camping weekends we had in our Land Rover.




It's funny but the symbol of Beaulieu is the same symbol used for the Santiago de Chile Metro.  See below.


Symbol at El Golf on Line One


Symbol near Escuela Militar - also on Line One.  I used to think the symbol used to look vaguely demonic when lit up at night.


Lovely hotel.






Nice little cottage overlooking the lake.


The Beaulieu river.




You wonder why the pet shop is a bit hidden.


Buckler's Hard

Pretty field at the start of the walk.


Treatment plant ... the things I like taking pictures of!





Going off this part of the trail is ill advised.


So is this bit.


And this ....


Lovely view of marshland from a bird watcher's hut.  It was just nice watching the sound of the wind rushing through the reeds.  Saw a few birds as well ... although I had the quiet suspicion that they knew we were there.


Here's a few videos I took of the wind blowing through the reeds.

Wind over the lake.

Wind through the reeds


There was a magnificent marina with lots of great boats.  While it was a restricted area, I asked the marina supervisor nicely and he let us walk around and take photos.






Some old patrol boat.


Lovely house leading into the Hard.


Main street of Buckler's Hard.  Presumably, this is the former slipway where ships for the war against the French were built - far away from prying eyes of the enemy. 


It's also a nice play for a picnic and to drink cider while lapping up the sunshine and all the boats.




The pub.






The two of us.


Long boat outside the Maritime Museum.  Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to go in.


Strange picture of some buoys and a chair at the back of the marina on the way back to Beaulieu.




The dream house we saw on the way back.  It even had it's own jetty.


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