Walking in the New Forest

June 2008


Here are some of the photos from our two days of walking around New Forest and the villages in the area.



The Balmer Lawn Hotel near Brockenhurst.  It was built originally in the 1800's as a hunting lodge and later served as a military HQ for all the D-Day landing troops that were camped in the forest nearby.


A tribe of very small ponies running around near the hotel.


Mare and foal.




Moving into forest.  It was pretty flat and hardly strenuous walking.  Almost a bit boring compared to some of the other places I've been to.


Chrissy with wonky glasses.





Me with the Crag Hopper top that I recently lost.  God knows where as usual.  I have a bad habit of losing thin light weight jumpers.


Nice tree covered path ... although there was some doubt at the time as to whether this was the path ... and we had only just started walking!


Chrissy posing on a log. 


I had a lot of fun with the camera with Chrissy playing up to the camera as she tried to hoist herself up onto the log. 


Deer roaming in and out of a paddock. 


We also saw a pheasant come up into the air out of the grass in front of us.  Too bad I didn't have a shotgun with me .... mind you .... I probably wouldn't have hit it anyway.


Cool pub where we stopped for lunch.


Nice cottage.


House where two famous sisters lived ... I can't remember who they were for the life of me however.  Just that there was a sign.


Great photo of Chrissy.


Interesting plant thingie.


Nice hedge.


Nice house with hedge and post box out front.


Cool post box.


Chrissy and I.


"Would you go hiking with this man?" 


Serious Simon.


Cute little cottage and garden.




Path for mountain bikes.  I'd definitely love to hire a bicycle next time I went to the new forest.


A big tree. Chrissy checks out one of it's many knobs.


New Forest ponies.






Chrissy and black knight.


If you can do it, why not.


The horse whisperer says hello.  Poor horse has obviously got his neck caught somewhere he shouldn't have judging from the mark around the neck.


Whispering to another horse.


Chrissy doing a giant leap.






Crossing a muddy bit after discovering we were going the wrong way.  Man ... that t-shirt makes me look like I have a big beer belly.


Horses grazing nears houses at Brockenhurst.


"What's happening man?"






Horses in the street.


Beautiful old Bentley.







Main street.


Strange shaped building.  


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