Oliver's Christening

September 2008


In September, Dan invited me to be a god father to Oliver, help with the christening and take lots of pictures to remember the occasion.


Here are the best ones.


Heloise looking glamorous


Happy Mum






Dan and Mike discussing the programme of the Christening


Very excited Ania


Ania's family


Dan and his mum, Heloise


Happy family.  Oliver looks like the Pope in his hat.


Joel, Heloise and Dan.


David, Dan's grandfather.


The initial vows. 


The anointing of oils and dunking in holy water.


Dan and Oliver.


Some more reading.


Me holding the ceremonial candle. 


The whole family.


Ania's mother and Oliver


Dan's mother and Oliver.


Dan's father and Oliver




Ania's father with Oliver


Mum and little screamer.


Father and son.


Dan looking evil.


Three generations


Mike after some vodka.


Two grandmothers


Putting back yet another round of vodka.  I think we had at least 6 in the couple of hours after the ceremony.


Daniel throwing a vodka back.


Oliver and cake.


Chrissy, Ania and Oliver.


Chrissy in Orange




Father and son


"You want me to do what for the camera?"


Oliver and Joel.






"Wow, lip balm!"


"You sure this guy is the right choice for a godfather?"


Two babies.