This page contains a lot of my favourite links 


November 2002

BBC Islam Site

Good primer on Islam and other religions.  Interesting if you want to find out more about Islam given all the stuff going on in the world.

Alternet Indy Journalism site. An alternative view of what you see in the news.
Steak and Cheese Lots of weird stuff to amuse yourself if you are bored. Movies pages has lots of fun stuff although some a little gross and X rated.
Bitter Lemons Website on Middle East conflict in Israel/Palestine. Interesting articles.
Glitterati Erotic stories by women. Pretty cool.
Kazaa Great site for downloading MP3 files.  Can find almost anything including cracked DVDs as well.  Great stuff.

May 2002 Edition


This is kinda funny if you can stand a bit of bad language.  Don't worry, it's not a porn site so you can check it out at work.  What it does do however is convert your favourite site into a porn site by substituting 'dirty' words for phrases on the website.  I killed myself laughing at what it did to my current employer's website, (used to be Andersen Consulting), and my own site.



This is the Hummer site. In the words of the website, "Itís not a car. Itís not a truck. Itís not another sport utility vehicle. Itís a HUMMER-a vehicle that defies categorization. A vehicle not in a class, but a universe all its own."  Okay yeah...but the new smaller version of the Hummer, the H2 is a pretty funky 4WD.  


Check it out.  Missile launcher and machine guns not included.


Camel Quotes

Camel quotes is a woman judging site.  You send in a photo of your woman.  They tell you how many camels, goats and chickens she might be worth in the open market in certain middle eastern countries.  1 camel = 10 goats = 100 chickens.  Monkey spanks are awarded for nudity.  A totally sexist site but check it out out nonetheless.  


Some of the contestants are pretty fit and would probably be a little perturbed if they knew that their ex-boyfriends has put their dodgy private photos on the net.


The Soviet National Anthem

Well, this is probably a strange one but I've always been fond of the sound of the old Soviet national anthem.  Guess it comes from watching the movie 'Hunt For Red October' too many times.  Here it is if your want to listen to it.  The best one I've found is this with some Red Army Singing Guys and Girls. Then there is this short instrumental version.

This site gives you stock options in exchange for your spit which it uses to construct a DNA database.


How to dance properly

This is some shots of different wacky dance moves.  A bit of a laugh and the resk of the site is worth exploring as well.  Pretty kooky.


Easter Saturday 14 April 2001 when I should have been at the gym.

US Secret Service

Well, thought I might check this out after seeing the link from CNN.  These guys protect the US President as well as tracking down counterfeiting and money laundering.  Pretty crap site but interesting to read the history of the USSS.  

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend

Man, this is a really chilling site from anyone has broken up with a girl and the feeling wasn't exactly mutual.  The horror! The horror!  Basically, this site is a set of voicemail messages from, Jill, the psycho ex-girlfriend in question. 'I'm done chasing you', she says.  Three minutes later she calls again.  And again.  And again!!!!!!  

It also has a test to find out whether your girlfriend is psycho or not.  I tried it, it works. You can also buy t-shirts.  And the message board seems to be full of the opinions of crazy pissed females.  Altogether a site!!!!  


Remember, run, don't walk, from a psychotic woman.  Alternatively, back away slowly and try not to make eye contact.  Here is a sample.


Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About

The clue is in the title. Mil Millington's massive list of contended bones is heroically complete and, because he writes with such a deft touch, it is also pretty funny.  I like it.  I hope he keeps adding to it.


Get Your Tongue Out of My Mouth

While we are on the subject of angry, twisted fems, this is an application form to be Cheryl's ex-boyfriend. It includes questions about which endearments and songs will ever be associated with hating the applicant. A bit of fun on a boring afternoon when I can't be bothered leaving my cave (I have showered and got dressed however!). 


Space Imaging

Site that shows satellite photos.  Showed some good images of the US spy plane that was stuck in China.  You can also check out the Coliseum in Rome


Updated a while back

Am I Going Down?

This is a website that calculates the probability that the plane flight you're planning will crash.  You enter airline, destination and anything else you know and it comes back  with a probability. 


Am I Hot Or Not?

You get to rate the physical attractiveness of people who have put their photos up on this site from a scale of 1 (not) to 10 (hot). A bit sad in many cases because you wonder how hurt the person might feel if they got a really bad rating.  That's the way the cookie crumbles however.  


Maybe I should throw my own photo up there.  Feel free to email me ( with suggestions from this website.


How Stuff Works

Website that gives plain english answers to how things work from everyday items like toasters to helicopters.

Done when I first started this site.

Pig Brother

This site has pictures and videos of pigs at play somewhere in the UK.  You can also buy meat and soon...web-cams of pigs.  Have to say, I've always been fascinated by pigs.  Checking out the pigs was always on the top of my agenda for visiting  agricultural shows such as the Royal Melbourne Show (guess where that is).


The Onion

A rather off wall site that gives 'alternative' and somewhat fictional coverage of world events.  Of particular interest was it's coverage of the presidential recount fiasco where it stated that the Clinton had declared himself president for life, Gore had survived an assassination attempt, Bush had executed enough Florida democrats to give the Bush the presidency and finally, Serbia had offered to send in peace keeping troops so 'democracy could be allowed to run it's course'.


The Visible Hand

My cousin's Jeremy's web-site ranting about the state of New Zealand politics.  God knows what he's getting at but he's fairly passionate about it.








Nothing to get really excited about but it's amazing to watch news as  it happens - especially when you're unemployed and got a bit of time on your hands.  I found out about the Paddington train disaster here while surfing the net one morning.  Each hour, they added more and more news.  First a few sentences, then a photo and a paragraph, then full articles and all sorts of stuff.  Same situation with the Kursk submarine sinking and Concorde crash in Paris.



Best place to get free email, free file space and free websites.  Space for email is 6Mb which beats the hell out of Hotmail.


Ancient Sites

Interesting community realting to ancient civilisations.  Haven't had time to fully check it out yet but it looks interesting.


Destination South America

The Ad says 'Join a cattle drive taking 300 Herefords from an Argentine estancia to their summer grazing on the shores of Lake Lolog.'  Sounds great.  Would love to do it sometime. Basically a dreaming site for me.


Ride World Wide

Another site specialising in riding all over the world.  Kyrgyzstan sounds good.  Another dreaming site.


Deep Cold

Website showing spacecraft that never quite were in the great space race between the USA and the former USSR.  Very cool.